Once upon a time I owned a small home bakery, and every so often I would be asked for a cake using an edible image.

The images I used to print were, (in order of popularity)

  1. Photos of the birthday boy/girl
  2. Corporate logos
  3. Children’s characters.

I used all of the above in a pretty standard way. You know the deal, ice the cake, add the image, job done.

This sort of thing:

60th Birthday Cake

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these kind of cakes, in fact, my experience is that people loved seeing their own image or their favourite character on a cake. And businesses were more than happy having their logo emblazoned across a cupcake. As far as edible images were concerned I thought that was it.

But how wrong I was.

Since I’ve been working with Topperoo, I have been amazed and astounded by the imaginative and unusual ways that edible images can be used. So, I’ve collected together my 4 favourite cakes and I hope they inspire you to create your own.

Science Cake

This science cake is awesome enough, but add in the printed periodic table and it takes it to a whole new level. Lou’s Cupcake Heaven uses Topperoo to print her images and she said “ I’ve used it (Topperoo) since I got my edible printer in February for my birthday, I always recommend you to others, as it’s fantastic for getting the right sizes and makes doing cupcake toppers so much easier”

Periodic Table cake using edible images

Make sure you check out Lou’s other cakes on her Facebook page and see if you can spot other cakes where she’s used edible images.

Dictionary cake

I’ve made cake books in the past and have fiddled with the cover in an attempt to make it look like the real thing. I confess that it never even crossed my mind to use an edible image. Barbettes Feast has done just that and made this brilliant Dictionary cake using a printed edible cover.

Dictionary cake using edible images

Take a look at her Facebook page and see if you can spot her film reel cake which also uses edible images.

Money, money, money

Edible money….what a great idea! Mirvat from Bake My Day, has used edible images in a few of her cakes, but I really like this briefcase design. Is that all the money they will spend as a student or earn after University?

Edible money

Tattoo cake

Annabel from Conjurers Kitchen creates some amazingly life like cakes and this wedding cake really stands out. Annabel says on her Facebook page: “All images are taken from photos, printed and turned in to edible ‘skinned’ tattoos, stretched and pinned on the cake with pasta pins and chocolate stitching.” Wow!

Tattoo cake using edible images
Tattoo cake

For more cake inspiration, take a look at our Instagram page, and if you’ve been inspired, register now to create your own works of art. And remember to post your finished works of art on our Facebook page, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to.