As a small bakery, you’ll know how important it is to continually work on, grow and improve your business. One way that you can boost your sales is by using edible images. Want to know how? Well we’ve got 4 great ideas for using edible images that could make your bakery blossom.

Boost Your Cake Business

image of boosts your cake business

Create Time to Make and Sell More Cakes

If you’re running your own baking business, chances are you’re taking orders, posting on social media, doing the accounts, and dealing with customers. And all that happens before you’ve even put the cake batter in the oven! How on earth can you find the time to actually decorate your cakes, let alone bake them!

The answer could be edible images because they not only save you time but could also save you money.

Take for example cake figures. Add up how many hours you’ve spent making people, animals etc. out of fondant. Not a problem if your customers are willing to pay for it, but many will want a moderately priced cake that also looks great. Edible images save you heaps of time and money, and more time means that you can bake and sell more cakes.

And to prove it, this YouTube video by “It’s a Piece of Cake” is the perfect example of how edible images can be used as 3D cake toppers and still look absolutely amazing.

If you’re a regular user of edible images, then you’ll know how quick and easy they are but what you may not know is that an average Topperoo user will save anywhere between 5-10 minutes per order simply by using our software.

Keeps Your Prices Competitive

Every baker knows how it feels to quote for a cake, only to be told it’s “too expensive” or “out of our price range”. Clearly you want to please your customer, but you don’t want to slash your prices, and neither should you. Ultimately customers are paying for your time and the less time you spend on their cake the cheaper the cake becomes. But spending less time doesn’t make for a lesser cake. In fact using edible images can make your cakes look even more amazing, after all, how else are you going to get Beyonce onto a cake?

image of Beyonce cake

Edible printing as an add-on business

Printing edible images for other bakers is the perfect add-on business, however it does require some upfront investment. To start with you’ll need a good quality edible printing system. Next, register your details on our website. Our software is not only simple and friendly to use but it’s also free. Your customers send you their chosen image and then you charge them to print and send it. You could easily be earning money whilst your cakes are baking in the oven. 

Sign up now for our free, 7 day edible printing course  to find out just how easy it is.


People love to see pictures of themselves, and even more they love to see pictures of themselves on things! What’s better than seeing yourself on a cake? Go one further and personalise it. Did you know that customers will pay 20% more for a personalised product? Upload their photo, add their name and some clever graphics and you’ve got your perfect, personalised cake topper. Right there you have a niche cake business specialising in personalised cakes, cookies or chocolates.

And what if local people want to bake their own cake but want you to provide the topper? Remember our previous point? Let people know that they don’t have to buy the cake from you, they could just buy the topper. Topperoo’s software makes personalisation so easy plus add your own touch to the images to make them completely unique for each and every customer.

So as you can see, using edible images in your baking business need not be expensive or difficult, and they can add so much value to your existing business. Register your details now and very soon you will be designing, creating and printing your own edible images.