Interview from ‘Bake Me a Cake’

Cake decorator Ann Pallet is the owner of Bake me a Cake and her incredibly realistic Hendrick’s gin bottle was voted August’s Best of the Month by our community.


Once a month we gather together 4 of our favourite edible image cake designs, asking our community vote for their favourite on both Facebook and Instagram.
The winning cake decorator is then offered the chance to be interviewed, and Ann was kind enough to take some time out to chat with us.
We began by asking her about where her interest in baking came from and she told us that it was her mother that inspired her to bake from an early age. “I also had a wonderful domestic science teacher.
Plus, I did a hotel management course and then a classic pastry followed by an advanced pastry course.”
Ann’s cakes really are stunning. One of our favourites is the tiered cake topped with a propeller plane looking as though it’s soaring through the clouds.
 It was Ann’s Hendrick’s Gin bottle that saw her voted Best of the Month, yet when we asked her about her experience with edible images her answer surprised us. ” I must be honest, that was the first time I used an edible image! I was so pleased with it, it looks very professional and saved a lot of time.”
We were shocked as we felt sure that some of Ann’s designs had used edible images, yet it turns out that they are all hand painted. 
However, Ann did say…”I will certainly use edible images more often when I can, it makes my job easier!”
If you would like to be considered for ‘Best of the Month’ remember to share your edible image creations with us using #topperoo on either Facebook or Instagram