Today We Launch the First in a Series of Cake Decorator Interviews

Here at Topperoo, we love sharing your edible image cakes and bakes with our community and recently we relaunched our ‘Best of the Month‘ award.

At the end of each month we choose 4 of our favourite, previously shared, edible image designs with the winner being voted for by our community. The winner will then feature in our cake decorator interview.
January’s winner was Amy Jankauskas of Sweet Icings by Amy. Amy is based in Clark, NJ, USA, and she took some time out from her busy schedule to answer a few questions.

image of Amy's Winning Design

Topperoo: How long have you been in the baking business?

Amy Jankauskas: When I was a child, my mother used to make me and all my siblings the best birthday cakes.  That was one of my fondest memories as a child and so I decided that when I had a child of my own, I would make her a great birthday cake every year.  My daughter was born in 2003 and that’s when I started to make cakes.  I only made them for her and family.  It wasn’t until the fall of 2015 when I decided to start to branch out to the public.  It was a slow start but in January 2016,  through word of mouth and Facebook, business started to pick up.  So technically I really have only been in business for a little over a year.

T: What do you most like about using edible images?

AJ: I like being able to print an image of pretty much anything I want.  Especially for the kids cakes.  I like cutting out an image on fondant and making a 2D image.

image of Edible Images used for a child's cake

T: Do you have your own printer?

AJ: Yes, I purchased one last year because I wanted to be able to print my own images especially for those last minute orders and not have to pay for expensive shipping costs each time I needed an image.

image of Nutbrown Hare Edible Image

T: What do you like most about using Topperoo software?

AJ: I love all the designs and colors and how you can edit yourself.  I’m looking forward to wrapping a cake in one of your great colorful prints.

Brightly colored American Football Cake

T: Do you have a preference to using rice paper or fondant sheets?

AJ: I mostly use icing sheets but I recently purchased wafer paper and will be experiencing with the wafer sheets soon.

T: What are the benefits of using edible images?

AJ: Using edible images allows me to make unique and creative cakes especially on short notice orders.

Boop Edible Image Cake

T: What’s the strangest or funniest cake you’ve ever been asked to make?

AJ: I haven’t had too many strange requests but I would have to say the customer who requested a bidet cake was a little strange.  It was an inside family joke.  She loved the cake I made.

If you would like to be considered for ‘Best of the Month’ remember to share your edible image creations with us using #topperoo on either Facebook or Instagram.