Britt Whyatt is probably better known to her legion of loyal followers as the blogger ‘She Who Bakes’.


It’s hard to believe that until four years ago, Britt had never actually baked a cake. It was only when she was challenged to make one for a charity bake sale that she gave it go. Using packet mix and, in her own words, ‘a lump of icing’ she made a ‘Pudsey Bear mess’ Realising how happy she felt after making the cake she soon became obsessed with baking and subsequently started a blog. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Britt has always been open about her experiences with depression and so aside from blogging, Britt gives talks to raise awareness for mental health issues.

She also has her own online cake decorating courses, has written an ebook on running a cake business, is an international speaker and has won a whole host of awards. And to think, it all started with a messy Pudsey Bear cake.

Britt is also responsible for Wednesday evening’s #bakershour on Twitter. It’s a place where bakers can get together to chat, share tips and photos of their recent bakes. It was through #bakershour that we discovered Britt is a Topperoo user. We were so excited, we just couldn’t pass up the chance to have a quick chat with Britt about her thoughts on using edible images.

Interview with “She Who Bakes”

Topperoo: Britt, tell us how you use edible images in your bakes?

Britt Whyatt: I have used edible images in a number of ways! As large cake toppers, small cupcake toppers and also to add details to cakes with logos, making it look much more precise than anything I could do by hand!


T: That’s great to hear. One of the things we really like about edible printing is how it can take the pressure off everything having to be neat and precise, just get the printer to do it for you! Speaking of which, do you have your own printer?

BW: I do have my own printer and the Topperoo software made it really easy to use. Before I found it I had really struggled with how to print images!

T: Our customers are either fans of printing on rice paper or fondant icing, do you have a preference?

BW: I like printing on rice paper, it’s what I’ve always used!

T: Some other feedback we’ve had is that customers want a software that easy to use but that you also get great designs from, do you think Topperoo does that?

BW: Yes! I had wasted so many pages trying to print out images because I was getting the sizes wrong. The software was a great help!”

T: How about applying the images to your cakes, what was that process like and do you have any tips?

BW: I highly recommend cutting out your shape and freezing it for 10-15 minutes before using. The backing comes straight off that way and means there’s little chance of your damaging the print.”

T: Yes, that’s the really nail biting bit, when you’ve created your image, printed it beautifully and then you ruin it when applying it to the cake. Thanks for the tip!


T: Obviously we’re biased when it comes to using edible images and think that everybody should use them all the time, but what do you think the main benefits are to using edible images?

BW: The main benefits are the details. You can add logos, favourite things, and personal photos really easily!

T: We agree with all that and they certainly do make cakes a whole lot more personal after all who wouldn’t want to see their face on cake!

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