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Andrea Daly-Dickson wrote this on April 21, 2017

Our latest cake decorator interview is with Samar Aldiwan from “Linden Cake by Samar”. Previously known as ” Big Sweet Rush”.

Samar won our Best of the Month competition for February as voted for by the Topperoo community on both Facebook and Instagram.



Best of the Month is a great opportunity for cake decorators to share their skills with a wider audience. Each month it gets harder and harder to choose 4 cake decorators to put through for the competition and, so we’ve heard, harder to choose a favourite.


Based in Great Falls, Virginia, Samar’s amazing cake was an outright winner. We were lucky enough to snatch a brief interview with Samar during a very busy weekend for her making a wedding cake.

We began by asking her where her love of baking came from?
“Since I was a child, I was always amazed with cakes…I grew up in a family that loves baking. My mom used to bake cakes for all occasions, so I thought it must be special to learn how to do this. I started baking in 2003 as a hobby, making cakes for my family and close friends and they all encouraged me to carry on and take it up as a career. So, I took a couple of courses and I checked out cake decorating books to improve myself.”
Topperoo: You seem to use edible images quite a lot in your decorating, what is it that you like about them?
Samar Aldiwan: Edible images can be used in almost any kind of cake
T:  Many decorators have invested in a printer for their edible image designs. Do you own one?
S.A:  No, I don’t have one, I order online from a printer.
T: Do you have a preference to using rice paper or fondant sheets?
S.A: I love fondant sheets, easy to play with and easy to decorate with.
T: In your experience, what are the benefits of using edible images?
S.A:  Edible images have many benefits. For me one of the main benefits is that they are great to decorate cakes and sweets that match a themed party .
T: What’s the strangest or funniest cake you’ve ever been asked to make?
S.A: My friend ordered a Thanksgiving cake in the shape of a cooked turkey. All the guests thought it was a real turkey until they cut the cake!
If you would like to be considered for ‘Best of the Month’ remember to share your edible image creations with us using #topperoo on either Facebook or Instagram.