Our latest cake decorator interview is with Lorraine Moore

image of interview with Lorraine Moore

Lorraine won our Best of the Month competition for March as voted for by the Topperoo community. Best of the Month is our way of celebrating the skills of cake decorators around the world. The only criteria is that the design must contain an edible image and Lorraine won with this brilliant dishwasher cake.

image of dishwasher cake

Based in Sittingbourne in the UK, we were able to ask Lorraine some questions about her cakes including the story behind that dishwasher cake!

Topperoo: How long have you been in the baking business?
Lorraine Moore: I’ve been baking for around 22years. I started as many mums do, I had a young baby and needed to work from home so I could be with her. I took City and Guilds classes and attended many shows, displays and private courses to gain knowledge. But like anything it’s getting hands on and experience that’s pushes you forward. Within 6 months I was taking orders and before long, was really busy designing, and send cakes up and down the country.
image of edible images cake design

T: As a cake decorator, what are the benefits of using edible images?

LM: From back then to now, wow, things have changed!  Never in a millions years would I have believed I could take my printer and design something that was edible. Oh my goodness what a revelation! It makes designs so much easier, and I could not be without it now,  in fact I can normally find a way of incorporating edible imaging on most cakes.  You can of course, learn all the sugarcraft skills, and indeed I have learnt most of them, but using a printer opens a whole new world of cake decorating. From something small to complete cake covering. It’s also great if your not to steady with the piping bag, voila, printed text. If your loving the new painted cakes but are no Picasso, bring out the printer, it’s a life saver.

edible images cake design

T: Do you have your own printer?

LM: I have a canon printer, I’ve had it about a year, and I would put it up there with my top 5 sugarcraft tools.

edible images cake design

T: Do you have a preference to using rice paper or fondant sheets?

LM: I personally love fondant sheets, yes they cost a bit more but I find them very versatile, they stick better on to cakes, there’s no worry of the sheet disintegrating when you apply water or glue. Having said that I do print rice paper for lots of projects, just prefer to use fondant sheets when possible.

edible images cake design

T: You won “Best of the Month” with an amazing dishwasher cake. What’s the story behind that cake?

LM: As an edible print lover, I was delighted to see so many people had voted for my dishwasher cake last month. Yes, a dishwasher! It was commissioned by a lady for a her son. Apparently he was not a fan of loading and unloading the dishwasher, well who is, so she thought it would be a giggle to give him one of his own for his birthday. That’s the beauty of a bespoke cake it can be perfectly personal. I couldn’t have done this one with edible print, imagine how long it would have took to hand paint all that detail. That’s why I offer a printed version on so many cakes, as it can keep the cost down for the client which is always a plus.  That’s why when we are asked for horse heads, life size pugs, life size Chewbacca heads, zombie heads and all the other weird and wonderful things we embrace them. The stranger the better.

If you would like to be considered for ‘Best of the Month’ remember to share your edible image creations with us using #topperoo on either Facebook or Instagram.