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Interview with Monica Cavallaro – Great Australian Bake Off Finalist

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 12th, December 2016

Monica Cavallaro, owner of Moreish Cakes, not only makes amazing cakes, but she was also a finalist in the TV hit The Great Australian Bake Off 2016. We had a chat with Monica about how she uses edible images in her work, application tips and in pushing her comfort zone to reach The Great Australian Bake Off Final. Topperoo: How […]

A new addition to our photo cake family.

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 25th, November 2016

Photo cake devotees and eagle eyed readers of the Topperoo blog might have noticed something a little different over the past couple of weeks. The latest blog posts have all been written by me, Andrea, and I thought it was time I told you more about myself and why I’m here. But first, a true […]

Interview with Britt Whyatt, AKA She Who Bakes

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 16th, November 2016
How Britt from She Who Bakes used Edible Images

Britt Whyatt is probably better known to her legion of loyal followers as the blogger ‘She Who Bakes’. It’s hard to believe that until four years ago, Britt had never actually baked a cake. It was only when she was challenged to make one for a charity bake sale that she gave it go. Using […]

3 steps to creating a photocake

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 28th, October 2016

Creating the perfect photocake is not as daunting as it may seem. If you’ve been following our recent blog posts and social media updates, you’ll have seen how an otherwise ordinary cake has been transformed into an amazing photocake using edible images. Edible images are so easy to create and print and there are many […]

4 incredible uses for edible images

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 21st, October 2016
Tattoo cake

Once upon a time I owned a small home bakery, and every so often I would be asked for a cake using an edible image. The images I used to print were, (in order of popularity) Photos of the birthday boy/girl Corporate logos Children’s characters. I used all of the above in a pretty standard way. […]

Boost your cake business with edible images

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 14th, October 2016
Boost your cake business with edible images

As a small bakery, you’ll know how important it is to continually work on, grow and improve your business. One way that you can boost your sales is by using edible images. Want to know how? Well we’ve got 4 great ideas for using edible images that could make your bakery blossom. Create time to […]

6 ways to really stand out from your baking competitors

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 7th, October 2016

So, you love to bake, in fact you love to bake so much that you even started your own business. Or you may be seriously thinking about launching your own bakery. You know your bakes are awesome and you willingly put all your energy and effort into the business, but what about the competition? It’s […]

Product Update: Curved Text

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 30th, October 2015
Do you like my curves - Topperoo Product Update

Andrei here, Tech Lead at Topperoo. And wow, it’s been a busy few months! The development team have been working hard to constantly improve Topperoo and your experience of using it, rolling out cool new features that you and your business benefit from. And because the better part of these are requested by the entire […]

3 reasons when you shouldn’t buy an Edible Printer

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 25th, September 2015
Edible Printers - Why you shouldn't buy one

Yes that’s right, we’re giving you reasons when you shouldn’t invest in an edible printer and supplies. So why would we do this? Well, in some cases it can be more beneficial to continue to buy printed icing sheets from a local bakery or online – it all depends on how much you will be using it. […]

6 common mistakes when starting in edible printing

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 21st, August 2015
Common edible printing mistakes

In Edible Printing it can sometimes be overwhelming knowing where to start. And without the right advice it can be easy to make mistakes. So to help you out we’ve compiled some of the most common ones, so you can avoid them yourselves and potentially save yourselves some time and money! Already an edible printing veteran? Feel free to […]