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Wafer paper or Icing sheets – which is best for Edible Printing?

11 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 24th, July 2015

When starting in Edible Ink printing one of the first decisions is choosing the paper you will use. Wafer paper or Icing sheets? Well, like many things – it depends!  So folks let’s break it down. We’ve highlighted the key points of comparison for each product to help make your decision, and then will summarise the best type […]

4 video tutorials to make you an Edible Ink Printing pro

1 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 1st, July 2015

So do you ever feel overwhelmed by Edible Ink Printing? Well worry not, since we have compiled 4 of our favourite video tutorials from cake decorating experts in this space to help guide you through, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. Oh, and we’re always here to help you too – just drop us a note in the […]

A guide to printing on pre-cut icing sheets

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 22nd, June 2015
A guide to printing on pre-cut icing sheets

Are you struggling to print accurately on your shaped or pre-cut icing sheets? We go through the basics of these sheets, and how to avoid your designs printing ‘off’ on the placement, to help save you time in your bakery or cake decorating business.   What are pre-cut icing sheets? Pre-cut or shaped icing sheets are a […]

A guide to preventing black roller marks when printing on icing sheets

1 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 28th, May 2015

Have you ever seen those black marks which can appear on your photo icing printouts, particularly on darker prints? We run through 4 steps which will stop this issue, so you never have to see this again! Woohoo!  So what are those dots on my icing printouts? The dotted lines are as a result of residue edible ink from the […]

How to remove edible images from the backing paper – 5 techniques

8 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 21st, May 2015

Have you ever had that frustrating situation where you can’t get your edible image off the backing paper? Don’t panic – it can happen to anyone! Below we detail the reasons and simple solutions to resolve this… First of all, what causes the icing to stick to its backing? There are a couple of factors at play when peeling […]

How to solve your edible ink issues – a step by step guide

3 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 7th, May 2015

So confession time… How many times have you have completed an order where you haven’t been 100% happy with the edible ink colours? In this post we solve the most common problems in relation to colours and shades on your icing sheet printouts, so you can know you’ve got the best quality images for your customers. Now, we’ve summarised the different […]

7 learnings from running an edible printing business

0 Shares | Comments | Date Posted: 24th, April 2015

As we reach a mini-milestone of 5,000 icing print designs in our UK business CakeMyFace, we wanted to share some of our personal experiences and edible printing learnings since we started out. I hope this helps you in your journey, whether you are a cake decorator just starting out, or a seasoned printing pro. Experiment with everything In the […]