Andrei here, Tech Lead at Topperoo. And wow, it’s been a busy few months!

The development team have been working hard to constantly improve Topperoo and your experience of using it, rolling out cool new features that you and your business benefit from.

And because the better part of these are requested by the entire Topperoo community, I want to keep you in the loop about them. Doing so would also give me a chance to step up and take the heat if something breaks, not just keep you posted on the good stuff. After all, who else is there to blame when things go haywire, if not the development team, right?

That being said, I’m happy to let you know that the most requested feature, curved text, has been taken out of the coding oven and is now available! You currently have 4 options to bend the text upward, plus 4 to bend it downward.

As we’ve only just released curved text out into the world a few days ago, it is still a beta feature, which means there could still be bugs lurking around. That is why I’d appreciate your feedback on it greatly. Not just for bugs encountered, but also for improvement ideas.

So if you have any thoughts about it, please drop me an email at

Curved Text

Do you like my curves - Topperoo Product Update

Try out curved text now

We’ve also been receiving quite a bit of feedback on the “I want the same design on all toppers” checkbox, which wasn’t visible enough or rather unclear as to what it did (it allows you to replicate a single topper design across all). Because of that, we decided to go ahead with a first step in this regard and replace the checkbox with a fancy left/right toggle, plus a different, shorter label for it. I’d love your feedback on this change as well.

toggle - Topperoo Product Update

I wanted to also let you know that James will follow up with a special announcement for our newest product yet: Topperoo Storefronts, which allows your customers to design and pay on your own online storefront. Stay tuned.

Finally, on behalf of the team, I’d like to thank you for using Topperoo, giving us feedback and dropping us virtual high fives. We really appreciate it and always love hearing from you!

Until next time, happy designing!

Andrei – Tech Lead @ Topperoo