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Andrea Daly-Dickson wrote this on September 13, 2017

One of the benefits of Topperoo Grow is membership of our closed Facebook Group. It’s here that we share tips, discuss edible images and give advice.

We asked our group members for their best edible image tip. Some even gave us more that one! Here are 10 of the best.


1. I use a 2″ metal round cutter if I run out of pre-cut toppers, used on a self-healing mat it works a treat! But remember to use a cloth on your hand! Susannah Nightingale Booth from Bakes by Susannah.

2. No 1 is a good tip but did you also know you can buy a 2″ hole punch? So quick and easy! Linda Anne Anderson from The Kitchen Croxley

3. Use repeat pattern images to create cake wraps around your cakes. Measure twice, print once. Saves ages on hand painting, fondant work and royal icing!  Monica Cavallaro from Moreish Cakes

4.  Always check the print preview before printing to ensure its the correct size and not black and white! Janifer Hutchinson from Janifer’s Edible Cake Toppers

5. Always pop your printed sheets in the fridge for 10 mins before using. Makes them easier to lift off sheet and less likely to stretch and warp the image. Monica Cavallaro  from Moreish Cakes

6. If you are getting roller lines on your edible images, pop a 4mm dowel between the rollers to space them out, no more roller lines. Evette Moss from Sugar Prints Custom Edible Images

7. Make your life easier and use a palette knife or cake lifter or pizza lifter to separate the image from the sheet in one quick motion. Monica Cavallaro from Moreish Cakes

8. When it comes to edible images my tip is to think beyond the obvious! Make use of images for soft drink cans, pizza boxes, beer bottles. Customers love detail! Linda Anne Anderson from The Kitchen Croxley

9. Always put into fondant first as it will stop the prints absorbing the moisture from the buttercream and going soggy.  Janine Sanderson from Cherry Blossom cakes

10. To get the identical round images on cupcakes or cookies etc when you use images and text that are sizes not available in the templates
*Create a 6in image first, save as a jpeg file,
*Import it onto an A4 template crop the image as close to the edges as you can and then use the dimensions shown in inches or cm
*Create a customised order for your customer. Janifer Hutchinson from Janifer’s Edible Cake Toppers

We hope that you have great fun producing edible images and enjoy coming up with unusual and creative ideas. And remember to send us a photo of the finished product. We love to see what you’ve been doing and sharing with our Topperoo community on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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