So every day we come across some amazing edible image designs on the web, which are used to help cake decorators and bakers complement their cakes and cookies. We’re on a mission to give a bit of recognition to these decorators, so each month we highlight some of the best designs for you to vote on the ‘best of the month’, from the collection highlighted on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

This month was shortlisted to 4 designs based on the engagement from the community:

Sophia Bakes (London, UK) – Instagram page

JK Cake Designs (Sydney, Australia) – Instagram page & Facebook page

The Red Balloon Candy Artisans (Melbourne, Australia) – Instagram page & Facebook Page

Cake Crusader (Western MA, USA) – Instagram page & Facebook Page

Voted by our Instagram and Facebook community, Cake Crusader took the prize this month with their doggie themed cake! Well done!

Well done to everyone, and keep up the great work, some truly impressive designs.

Who would you have voted for? Leave us a comment below!