Let customers order on your own online storefront

Storefronts is a one-stop shop for your customers to design and pay for their photo
cake or icing designs. Perfect for Small Businesses & Bakeries.


Save time so you can run your business

Empower your customers to create their designs, so you just press print. Your customers pay you up-front via a secure checkout, so there is no creating invoices or chasing payments – you receive funds immediately. Smashing!

Increase your sales

Let your orders roll in 24 hours a day with your own online storefront. Watch your sales grow with a shopping experience which your customers love. And with designs fees only charged on order completion, you have the benefit of complete flexibilty.

Gain Happy, Loyal Customers

See customers’ excitement on receiving their designs on icing. Gain happy, loyal customers who become the advocates for your business.

Give yourself more time to do what you love…

Registration is currently open for the updated Storefronts plan, available from 1 June